We compensated 1427 tonnes of CO2e emissions in 2023

We are proud to share our commitment to environmental sustainability through Shell’s natural-based solutions: CO2 Offset program. We reduce our carbon footprint from our daily operation through this program.

Carbon Offset is a mechanism that allows entities to compensate the emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas by supporting projects that reduce, avoid or remove emission elsewhere. One carbon credit represents a compensation of one tonne of * CO2e.

Our participation in this program has resulted in the avoidance of 1473 tonnes of CO2e in 2023.

While carbon offsetting plays a vital role, it is essential to recognize that compensating alone is not the ultimate solution for achieving net zero. True progress lies in proactive emissions reduction, innovation and systemic change.

Let’s move beyond offsets and embrace holistic strategies that drive us towards a sustainable future together!

Talk to our marketing team through fix@helmsmansupply.com if you would like to understand more about carbon offsetting.

* CO2e: meaning CO2, CH4, N2O greenhouse gas emissions, expressed in carbon dioxide equivalents or CO2e