We create We serve. As a leading bunker suppiler, we commit to supporting global net zero target. We believe every single move counts and we shall take an active role in redcuing GHG emission.
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We start with compensating. Helmsman is the first Hong Kong Bunker supplier to participate in SHELL’s nature-based solution: CO2 Offset Program. ** We reduce our carbon footprint through this program.
**Disclaimer: CO2 compensation is not a substitute for switching to lower emission energy solutions or reducing the use of fossil fuels. Carbon credits are purchased and retired to compensate the calculated lifecycle CO2e emissions of the product. Although these carbon credits have been generated in accordance with international carbon standards, the compensation may not be exact.

In preparation for our position in green energy supply chain, we are certified under ISCC-EU certification system as ”Trader with storage”.
This certiification can be verified through the links below:

All Certificates – ISCC System (

With the above certification, we ensure to our customers that the biofuel that we trade complies with the compliance and traceability standards of ISCC.