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Low Sulphur Marine Gasoil

Marine Fuel Oil

RME (120CST, 180CST)
RMG (380CST)
VLSFO (0.5%)

Low Sulphur Marine Gasoil

Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil

Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (500ppm)
Ultra Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (10 ppm)
Euro V diesel (for yachts)

Low Sulphur Marine Gasoil

Lube Oil

Cylinder oil – Mobilgard 570
System oil – Mobilgard 300
Generator oil – Mobilgard (M330, M430, M440)

Low Sulphur Marine Gasoil


EURO B5 Diesel

Low Sulphur Marine Gasoil

Fresh Water Supply

ship agency services

Ship Agency Services


De-Bunkering Services

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Yacht Bunkering Services

We purchase our bunker fuel products and lube oils from reputable major oil companies in Hong Kong. All products we selling are fulfilling the international standard and ISO 8217. Our main bunker fuel products suppliers includes:

Iso Fuel Standard 8217:2005

Annex C gives a brief viscosity/temperature table, for information purposes only. 1 mm²/s = 1 cSt Purchasers should ensure that this pour point is suitable for the equipmenton board, especially if the vessel operates in both the northern and southern hemispheres. A sulfur limit of 1,0 % (m/m) will apply in emission control areas designated by the International Maritime Organization, when its relevant protocol comes into force. There may be local variations. A fuel shall be considered to be free of used labricating oils (ULO’s) if one or more of the elements zinc, phosphorus and calcium are below or at the specified limits. All three elements shall exceed the same limits before a fuel shall be deemed to contain ULOs.

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