B-100 Trial

There are various solutions to achieve reducing GHS emissions. Blending biofuel with fuel oil or gasoil is a feasible option in the industry as it is comparatively easier to adopt and economically friendly to shipowners.

In order to further understand the characteristic of biofuel and how it might possibly affect the operation of engines, we started a 1488hr biofuel trail with our gasoil barge – Helm 1.

We purchased B100 (UCOME) from ISCC certified Biodiesel Plant and collecting point in Hong Kong. Operating crews from Helm 1 then blended the B100 with traditional marine gasoil on board, in a proportion of 1 to 4 , commonly known as B20.

During the trail, Helm 1 operated as usual with its daily routine. We have compared the operation between utilizing pure gasoil and B20. You are welcome to contact our sales for a report of our findings or send a request to fix@helmsmansupply.com